Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rebuilt two houses for poor family

Last week, we got two groups for The Bamboo Project with 20pax include 4 Tour Leaders. They came here for 4 days. The purpose of these groups visited NHC, rebuilt two new houses and also prepared two vegetable gardens for poor family. The first day they came to visit NHC, village tour, volunteered in English class and other days they rebuilt two houses for Chumpa’s family and Yaov’s family.
Please kindly read Chumpa’s and Yaov’s story below:

Mother    :     Dol Chumpa (34 years)
Father     :     Huot Huorn (36 years)
Children :     Huot SreyKa (7 years) Huot Srey Kan (3years)

These struggling young parents live in Bakong District, Siem Reap where they were both born and raised.Their parents live here also. Chumpa, Huorn and SreyKa live in a small room attached to the side of Chumpa’sparent’s house. The home is very basic and comprised of a dirt floor and minimal possessions. They have a wooden bed and an old, tattered sleeping mat. Disturbingly they don’t have any mosquito nets at all! This is potentially a great health risk as mosquitoes are prevalent and carry many deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Chumpa’s parents are very poor; her father has tuberculosis and her mother is also ill but has not seen a doctor – there is no money available for medical attention. Huorn’s parents struggle to survive as farm workers; his siblings all work as either farm or cement workers. All of these occupations are very hard work and very poorly paid.

Huornhad been employed as a cement worker until his bicycle broke, leaving him with no way to get to the job site in Siem Reap, twenty five kilometers away.The broken bicycle has had a catastrophic effect on the family. While this happened almost one year ago the family has never had enough money left over to pay for repairs and parts. Over the year, Huornfound work two days a week on a farm doing general farm work and cutting rice during the harvest season. He earns $1.25US a day but with only two days’ work per week, this is not enough to feed his family. When Huorn has no work he and Chumpa try to survive by growing some morning glory (a Cambodian vegetable) to sell but they are often forced to beg for food in the village. Going to bed hungry is not an unusual occurrence for this family. Even baby SreyKa is often hungry. Because of her poor diet Chumpa has very little breast milk so SreyKais fed on thin rice porridge, that is, when rice is available!

The family suffers from chronic stomach problems, coughs, colds and fevers, all constant conditions of poverty stricken people.

They have access to water but the open field is their toilet, along with the other villagers. Hygiene is a major problem in the area, particularly in the wet season when large pools of water stagnate under highsethouses, creating a breeding ground for disease. Chumpaand Huorncannot gets help from their families as they are just as poor, in fact the couple feels that they should be helping their poor parents! Sadly they do not have the means to do this. 

Here photos of her house after we rebuilt :

One more family :

Father : Yan Yaov 33 years
Mother : Tun Samai 30 years
Son : Yan Ya 10 years
Son : Yan Dara 6 years
Son : Yan Meisa 1 year

Samai: Was born in Bakong district she has 8 siblings, 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Her second oldest brother died when she was a young girl due to illness. Her other brothers and sisters are well, some working as rice farmers and the others as cement workers. She lost her father when she was 12 due to illness and her mother 1 year later also due to illness. She studied only to grade 2 as she stopped going to school when her mother passed away. Samai worked as a farmer looking after someone’s cow, the agreement was that she would receive the first calf that was born she did this until she was 16 years old. At the age of 16 she became a cement worker this is where she met her husband 3 years later (Yan Yaov).

Yaov- He has 7 siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers who are all well and work as rice farmers in the rainy season and cement workers in the dry season. Both of his parents are still alive and well but no longer work due to their age. 

Both Yaov and Samai are cement workers; Samai doesn’t work as often as Yaov as she is still looking after a young child. The family is poor sometimes only having a little bit of money for food which sometimes isn’t enough. Sometimes the mother has to go and ask for food from the food seller and pay back at a later date when she receives her pay check so the family can eat. If someone falls ill the family cannot afford medicine. 

Yan Ya- Is in grade 1 at Khmer public school and attends English at the local NGO school in kindergarten.
Yan Dara- Was too young for school but it due to be enrolled in October. 
Yan Mesa- Is too young to be enrolled into school
All the children and mother are in good health. The father (Yaov) has a skin condition from working as a cement worker, which causes him discomfort as it is very itchy.
House Condition: 
The roof of the house is in good condition and doesn’t look overly old. The walls of the house are made from palm leafs and are in very bad condition with holes throughout and when it rains water enters into the main house. The wooden floor of the house is in poor condition with holes. The kitchen roof outside is made of palm leaf also and leaks in some parts. The wooden step into the house has snapped and needs to be replaced. 

Here photos of his house after we rebuilt :

How do you feel after you read their story? Surely, you will feel sad with their story. This is the reason that NHC and The Bamboo Project help them. 

We would like to say thank you so much for all kindly guys as NHC team and 20pax from The Bamboo Project for your hard working, your money and also your time. We wish you good luck and successful with everything you need.