Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fixed the house for Neuy

Last week, we got 13 people from Bamboo Tour. They came here for 4 days. The first day, in the morning they visited NHC, volunteered in English class and tour in Mondul 3 village.  In the afternoon, they departure to Bakong community and fixed the house for Mrs. Hem Neuy.
Please kindly read Neuy’s story below:

Mother:           Hem    Neuy    (46years)
Daughters:      Sap Soknay (14 years), Chay Vanoeurn (11 years)
Son:                 Chay Choeurm (8 years)

Hem Neuy was born in Bakong district, Siem Reap province where she still lives. Neuy is very close to her younger sister and elderly mother who also live in Bakong. Her father died over twenty years ago from tuberculosis; he had earned his living making carts which he later sold. Neuy’s childhood was spent in poverty however, despite this, the family was relatively happy. Sadly however their peaceful daily life suffered a brutal change when the Pol Pot regime came into power. This radical communist Khmer Rouge revolution, under its leader Pol Pot, seized power in Cambodia in 1975 after years of guerrilla warfare, turning the country into grisly killing fields. An unparalleled genocide campaign led to annihilation of an estimated 20% of the population. Cambodian people died from the combined effects of forced labour, malnutrition, poor medical care and executions. It was during this time that Neuy’s family members were separated. They were sent to force labor camps in different districts. Despite Neuy being only a small child at the time she still had to toil for long hours under cruel and inhumane conditions. When the Khmer Rouge government was at last overthrown the family was thankfully re-united; they returned to the remnants of their old lives in Bakong. It was there that Neuy met the man she was to soon marrying, Chay Chea. Chea was also born in Bakong. He had three siblings. His father has since passed away along with one sibling. With only the most minimal education to grade one Chea earned his living cutting timber for house walls. In time three children were born to Neuy and Chea. Neuy was very content to stay at home and care for the little ones. Both illiterate, the parents highly value education and made the resolve to provide schooling for their children. At present all three children attend public school; Soknay is in grade six, Vanoeurn grade two and Choeurm grade one.

Life has always been a constant struggle for the family. As if it wasn’t hard enough tragedy came three years ago when Neuy’s much loved Chea died from tuberculosis. Even more heartache was to follow…..Neuy, 11 year old Vanoeurn and 8 year old Choeurm were diagnosed with tuberculosis; only 14 year old Soknay has good health. While Neuy and the children have been provided with the necessary medication Neuy doesn’t have the money necessary to pay for the cost of travelling to the hospital in Siem Reap for their necessary checkups. Consequently Neuy and the children all still suffer from shortness of breath and fevers; Neuy also has a problem with pain in her legs. Fortunately the family owns their small house. They have a water pump however there is no toilet so there is no option but to use the open fields. Any possessions they have are few and very old.When she is well enough Neuy cuts rice to earn an income; these days she is usually too sick to work. Sadly the children often have to be kept home from school so that they can work (for others), selling goods to the tourists at Bakong Temple. Although Neuy is not happy to take the children out of school she is left with no choice; the reality is that the children’s meager earnings and her begging for food from the neighbors provide their only means of survival. That’s all about Neuy’s story. How do you feel when you read her story? You maybe feel sad with her life. This is the reasons that NHC and Bamboo team decided to help her.

She felt really happy to got new house and her life will be better than before. She would like to say thank you so much all kindly guys for your hard working and your valuable time. She wish you good luck and successful with your job.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jody's Last Day

Friday last week was a very sad day for everyone at New Hope Cambodia. It was the day that we said goodbye to the wonderful Jody Bonar, our Services Manager and Clinical Advisor.
Jody has been with NHC for over 3 years, during which time her input has been amazing.
Her dedication to the wellbeing of everyone was second to none.
Jody was a tireless worker who was often the first to work and the last to leave and weekends were also work days for her.
She is a compassionate, caring, generous person who is greatly respected and loved by all.
Jody has generated a huge amount of support while here and will be greatly missed.
We wish her well for the future and thank her for the incredible work she has done to improve the lives of the Cambodian people.
Our love goes with her.