Wednesday, August 20, 2014

These students get a great educations from their teachers and also their parents . Providing the children to go to school mean to provide them a big property for their future. 
It is essential for them to approach the splendour of life, and can create many resources for next generations and for the whole nation. 
We can not help everyone, but the important thing is we have to start from one person to another.They get enough, and then they started to transfer their knowledge to other people. 
It's really difficult to change people's lives, but we have to show what others have but we do not have or what we have but they do not have. After they see these thing,  their thoughts or ideas will change them. They will  start thinking again that the true human life is different.Some also have everything and others have nothing in their life. 
If you have everything enough for your life, please share them some to people who have nothing. This will help you to get more happiness  and happy in your life.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Funny Pictures in Rice Drop Day

Rice Drop Day is a very busy day for all staff, volunteers and all families sponsored. In that day, a lot of activities with all of them. So, to change your feeling and also your mind, NHC had a lot of funny activities with all of them.
These photos are volunteers and staff activities in site the rice drop day.
Most of them are really happy, open mind, and understand more about life at NHC.