Sunday, July 6, 2014

Assistance in Bicycle Repair From Global Explorer Grou

    As all of us know, when the road is bad it can cause problems with our bikes, motorcycles, trucks or cars and they  need to be fixed constantly if using them every day. The problem was that when the bike broke down these children & families could not afford to repair them. The Bike Repair Shop repairing bicycles for free for the students, staff and also the volunteers. When the volunteers come to visit New Hope Cambodia some of them purchase a bike from the shop and others come by Tuk Tuk. The cost of the bike is $45 to $50, depending on what kind of the bicycle it is. When they leave here they do not take the bike back with them but donate to the students and some donate to their sponsor family through New Hope's Outreach Dept.

    Because of the number of students every day that need their bikes repaired & as this is a free service we do not have enough resources to repair all of them. This is why one group from USA donated supplies for the bike shop, assisting in the maintenance for the bikes which are broken. On  26th June he "Global Explorers Group" came to visit New Hope including 12 students to help with maintenance in the shop. Many bikes were fixed by them, most of them they put the baskets, bells.... They tried very hard to put the basket in as they never do before and try to do they best as they can. 
However, this is one of the new lesson they have learned from NHC. So they can take this experience back  home and tell to their families or fiends what they have done in Cambodia or in Siem Reap.