Sunday, June 8, 2014

Donated 12 bicycles to students

Outreach Department is one of the main depart, which is always provided everything to poor families or students. Many people have received help from outreach , such as school supplies, clothing, home repairs, funeral, repair water pump, providing a monthly rice , ect.......... That's all supported by various charity groups. 
The students more increase everyday. Most of them are poor, they come to school by walk. Sometime it is make them too late to get there, as their house so far from school. 
Because  poor students more increase and some of them do not have their own bikes to get school, that's why a generous group decided to provide 12 bicycles to students, who is  can not afford buy the bikes. These bicycles are sponsored by " JUNIORS AT WADALB ". They are really happy to get a new bike with a smiling face. Thank you to all of our sponsor fro their generosity. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The New Uniform

New Hope Training Restaurant is a restaurant that has received strong support by many visitors as well as volunteers.  The number of guests who come to eat the food here more and more from day to day. Moreover, this restaurant also receiving the highly prized "Certificate of Excellence. 2014 Winner.This is a proud of the staff who are working in the restaurant, especially the whole organization. 

However, staff who are working in the training restaurant have to change the uniform once a year. 
Now you can see the uniform for them in this year.
They are really happy to get them and also happy to wear the new uniform.