Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kid's Party

All people always want to have fun, whether young or old​. Some of the people they want to entertain more than money. Because money can spend the same period but for the happy memories is still in their heart or mind almost all the time. Sometime it is make the people have an unconsciously smile when they thinking about that time. However, it is very rare to make the fun time or to make the time for meet friends, relatives  or cool work. Mostly in each company in Cambodia they always make the time to meet friends, relative ect........ once or twice a year, especially before the Khmer New Year. They really have a good time when that day coming.

However, New Hope Cambodia had made the games, eat and drink for all the students ( More than 1000 students). This is one of the kids party that we always do for them once a year. Everything that we did for this party in this year was sponsored by Noel and his family.
All the kids really enjoyed together and really had a good time. They were rare to meet each other to play, eat and dance. We had made a lot difference games for them to play and get the rewards. They have tried to make themselves to be a winner. Colleen's son also one of the player who got the rewards.

After they finished playing games, it was the time for them to had an ice creams and lunch. Everyone really loved ice creams. All of them they got ice creams, drinks , plate of food and also dessert. 
We also provides the supplies school and also money for the students who is the best students in each class. All the presents have provides by Mr Kem Sour, Noel , Colleen, Ron, Staecy and also Bradely.  In the speech Mr Kem Sour also told to all the students, please try to study hard as we have everything free for them here. All of them really appreciated for the happy time that day, especially the smart students and all the winners in the games.

The last thing that they have done were dancing.They were also love dancing, all the kids can not control themselves to dance, so most of all the kids have join, even if the weather was so hot.  
IT is only once a year, so it is made them very happy and most of them really did not want ot go back home. The thing that they would love to stay was dancing . It was really made them happy and also forgot everything.

Thank you so much for Noel and Families for made this party, as the students really enjoyed and had a good time, as you saw them by yourself how happy they are.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year is a big ceremony for all Cambodians. It is take three days for celebrating. The people go to their home town to meet their families.Before one or two days of Khmer New Year the taxi, buses are very full. The bus drives or the taxi drivers always put many people in their cars. Despite the narrow​, but they have to go as they want to meet their families. Everything in Khmer New Year are expensive such as meat, fruits, bus tickets, vegetables, flowers, ect.............In this festival, some people taking this time to sell something to get money for the Khmer New Year.

On the street and each house always bind the lantern under the fruits desk.The reasons that Cambodia people always bind those lantern on the street or at home because they will get the glory like the lantern's light. Because of the lanterns are really popular for the Khmer New Year, that's why it has a lot at the markets.
On 13th or 14th of April, each house preparing something in front their house to serve the angels​​ of the New Year. All the people in each house will burn the joss while the angle come down ( Khmer Believe ) to asking the happiness, healthy, money and successful all thing in their life.
During in the morning of Khmer New Year, people have to go to the pagoda to  bring some money, foods, flowers, desserts, waters etc................ for the monks, nuns or layman. It is will has a lot of foods in each pagoda. The monk will bless for the people who take those foods for them. We go to the pagoda for three days in the morning, and we go forawalk in the afternoon for 3-5 days.

We always make many games to play in the villages or pagoda.Mostly the people in the town always come to the countryside to see those activities, because during the Khmer New Year or another ceremony it is so quiet. But it has also some families just only stay at home, playing cards or drinking beers with their friends or relatives..

Most of all the people in Cambodia always waiting for the Khmer New Year, even if their age more increase.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hand over of the wallet

Education, about what is good, what is bad and the value of living, plays a central role for everyone around the world.

Everyday, New Hope Cambodia School always reminds its students about sanitation; keeping our school clean; love and respecting your parents; older persons and fellows; don’t steal someone’s property; if you found something such wallets, phone, and so on, you must seek its owner and return it to them.

One of the important values that New Hope Cambodia School reminds its students everyday is about the value of honesty and respect. 

As a real example, on the March 25, 2014 one of the New Hope Cambodia School students found a tour guide’s wallet on the street which had some US currency; Khmer currency; Khmer ID card, and Visa to study in US and Thailand. The student returned that wallet to New Hope School Education Manager (NHSEM). 

The NHSEM sent it to New Hope Cambodia (NHC) Managing Director, Kemsou. Kemsou handed the wallet over to its owner and the owner was very happy at that time stating that, “I am so happy the money is not important to me, but the Visa and some documents are important for my life”. He donated all the money in the wallet to the NHC donation box. 

This act of honesty by the NHC student shows us that this boy is a good role model and also a good Khmer son.