Monday, March 31, 2014

Village Sanitation Project

We have officially started our village sanitation project in Mondul Bai and its surrounding villages where some of our sponsored families are living. Our mission is to get all the water pumps repaired and working again, ensure they are maintained and to provide filters for the families so they have clean drinking water. The first part of our project has just been completed. We have just finished an audit of over 190 pumps in entire village. The audit allowed us to find out what water pumps were working, what needed repairs, how many families they were servicing, how many adults and children in those families and what dates the pumps were all installed. 
We have had a meeting with a repair man that is from the village, who is part of one of our sponsored families, and he has agreed to do major repairs on 55 pumps, minor repairs on 24, and 23 new concrete slabs. We are also ordering 100 filters for these pumps that will provide clean drinking water. These filters have a lifetime warranty and will last a lifetime as long as they are kept wet. This is an amazing gift to the people of Mondul Bai and we are very proud of the work being done so far. 
The next stage of this project is to install environmentally friendly toilets in to the village to combat the disease created by this waste. The toilets are still in the planning stage and are currently being researched by engineers overseas.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bicycle Sponsored

As you have known already that New Hope Cambodia is an organization which providing free education, medical clinic, Vocational training as well as the Outreach program. Most of the student  studying in the school are poor. They could not support themselves or feed their families. Everything in their house for them is not enough, even the transportation to go to school.
A lot of students are received the bicycle from the Outreach Department, that most of the bicycle get from the volunteers that they have to leave. When volunteers go back to their countries, they will donate those bike to the students or the families. So the Outreach Department is the one who organize those bikes.

Last week more than ten students are got the bikes from the outreach department, as they did not have any bike to come to school. They were really happy to get , as well as some of them said " now i had a bike to come to school ".

We are all at New Hope Cambodia are really appreciate to all volunteers, visitors and supporters for help this communities to get out from the poverty.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Music is a tool that can make the listener or player eliminate concerns. Not only will it make them have fun, but they get the gathering, friends or relatives.​Many people around the world  are very popular on the music player, as well as there are many people wish to lean the music. There are many music tool and the people like to learn with their preferences music tool. Many people have money to feed their families because of the work involved in playing music. If they have specific skills, they can make money easy.

Cambodia is a country that upholds the culture since ancient times.They really do not want to lose the culture of wonder by the old generations leaving. Generation to generation, some people do not know the legacy of Cambodia, and there are some people also forget them.
Music, clothing, gestures, speech, behaviour, respect are Cambodia culture. Cambodian and other people gave value to those represents.
There are many categories instruments of Cambodia such as Takei, Chapey Dangveng, Tre, Skor, Skor Thom, Rorneat Ek, Korng Vong Thom, Korng Mon, Kim, Srar Lay, Tro Ou, Korng Thom and another.

Because some people have forgotten, and we want them to know more about the Khmer music,that's why New Hope Cmabodia provide free music lessons to the poor people who wish to learn. NHC had the music class called " Colleen Music Classroom (L) ". Colleen Music was starting process in 2014, the traditional music started on 15 February and the traditional music started on 17 March.  We divided as in the morning and afternoon. Morning time had three students are learning about the western music as guitars and evening time have more than ten students are leaning about the traditional music.
We open in the morning from 8am-10:30am , afternoon for two sections. First section from 2pm-4pm and second section from 4pm-6pm. We have one teach for morning and one teacher for evening.
Although the music just start the process, we observed that a greater number of students who are interested in learning music.

It also sensitized to the new generation is interested in classical music, that a country's heritage.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Playground New Color

People throughout the region, especially small children always liked to play with the game according to their preferences, when they break from studies.However, the playground is also a place that  very popular for them.Almost all school that have put the playground for the students, even large or small. When they do not have the playground for them to play, it is will make some of the kids getting bored and sometime it is one of the problems that make the kids don't want to come to school.

However, New Hope Cambodia Organization also have the playground for the kids. But because of most of those thing are aging, that's why we decided to pain them again.

 G Adventure always brought a lot groups for working with NHC. They not only do the paving, plant the vegetables, collected the small bricks but today they sent a small group to pain the playground for NHC kids. They did them very quickly and also very beautiful. Most of them have spent their faces, clothes and also the hairs for pain the color. All of them got the color on their bodies, cloths and head. But even it is made them dirty but they still happy what they have done.
They really pleased to see their achievement and they can not believe that  they can do them only short time.

Now NHC kids will get the new playground ( The color ), even if some of  them are broken. So the kids can play again during this week.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The New Paving In Front Of The New Library

You have read some information already about the paving the tiles at the women shelter or other place.
 We really thank you for providing such assistance as well as help people in this community.

However, the new library just fixed and the courtyard in front is not as nice as the other place in NHC. So we need more paving at there. Because of NHC really need the help and also the charity people they would like to help this project, this is why the group from Singapore and Malaysia came to help.
They did not only paid money for this project but  they also spent their value time, physical to do this project.

They have tried to do the best job and thank you so much for your supported, as well as your very good  kind.