Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The first day after Pchum Ben's Day or Ancestors' Day at the clinic

 Good healthy is very important for everyone. When we have good health, we can do everything as well. Some people that have enough money, they always go to see doctor every 3 months or 6 months but for poor people they can’t go see doctor because they don’t have money to pay for them.  So to help poor people in Mondul 3, NHC is an organization that providing free education, medical clinic, vocation training and family sponsorship.
 Every Monday morning is busy day for clinic at NHC because we close on the weekend. But this Monday was really busy because we closed 9 days for Pchum Ben’s day. So most of patients just waiting our office open even they get sick. After we close 9 days, there were a lot of patients at the waiting room to see our nurses and doctors. Most of the staffs are too busy to treatment patients but they also happy to see them good health. 
Everything that NHC do just want to see poor people have good healthy and can help themselves.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Filled the sand on the block at Barkong

 As you know already that, NHC starting to open a restaurant in Bakong District inthis year. This project nearly finish and we will launched in this year. Many group of people from G Adventure came and help. Some of the places in that restaurant have finished by them.
However, because of our restaurant not yet completely and also we need more volunteers to help us that's why a group from G Adventure came and help.

On Wednesday last week, a group from G Adventure have came to complete something in the restaurant at Barkong. We had the block that need them to fill the sand on. They filled the sand  on that block to make it smooth.
They have been working hard until they can finished that job. They really had a good time each other, even if they were from difference country and they never know each other before.

After they finished, they continued their trips to see the killing file in one of the temple at Siem Reap and back to see the rice drop day at NHC on Friday.

 They really had amazing time, that made them more understanding about the issues, culture and situation in Cambodia. It really made their life much more leaning that they never ever seen or done before.

Thank you to G Adventure that always send the group to see NHC projects and always make them understand more about the people life. AS well as, thank you to Ratha and Sokhon for organized everything for them and look after them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One Picture is many difference meaning. It is depending on yourself. 
But for this pictures is talking about the poor people house. Many poor people live in the broken house, live in somebody land, that they can not have their own land. It is so hard to live in somebody land. 
This village is one of the village that sponsored by NHC. They live in the middle of the reach people and also they living on the government land. This is really make them so hard to do everything, especially on the raining reason. It's will be flood. During the rainy season almost all rubbish around their homes 
gathered together, and it created a virus. Virus will spread to children or adults, which causes them to infectious diseases.
Because of this case always happen to the poor people, that's why NHC has clinic for treatment them by free for this village and another.