Tuesday, May 20, 2014

filled out the sand for putting the bicycle and motorbikes

Helping people is one of the things some people want to do. Some of them want to help those who cannot support themselves but they do not know how, even if they have opportunity while others do not want to help even if they know how to assist. 

However, in the world, we still have many people with kindness.They are always willing to help people by using money, times, physical, knowledge, experience or their emotional support. Sometimes they just do not have the time to give.

However, as you have read before, G Adventure always send a group of volunteers to NHC. They always help by doing different thing such us paving tiles, planting vegetables, filling roads with sands or stones , painting the playground, etc................. This is  proof that the volunteers really have a  great desire to help people in the community as well as the whole organization.

On Wednesday last week, G Adventure sent a group of five volunteers, including the tour leader  Mr: Pha to New Hope Cambodia to do the new project for three days. Mr Pha  was a brilliant Tour Guide at New Hope but now he is a Tour Leader for G Adventure.  We have dismantled  the house which is located behind the staff office as a garage for motors and bikes. The volunteers worked hard filling the site with  rocks and sand to make the site aesthetically pleasing. 

The other important thing is,  last week  NHC had a holiday for the Kings birthday, but  we still had some NHC staff, Ratha and Ngim from our  Tours Department came and help the volunteers. 

Finally, on behalf of NHC I would like to say thank you very much to G Adventure  for  always helping NHC and all your support.  As well  thank you for all the generous people for contributing to this great project. You guys are really amazing.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Village Sanitation project

Helping people is one of the Favorited things that Nadia wants to do.Nadia is one of volunteer that spent everything for NHC.  She happy to help people and wants to change a new thing in the communities. The thing that can make her happy, she will do even if she has to spent a lot of own money for that thing. 
This is one of project  that she wants to help the people in the slum area in Siem Reap. She had spent her own money for helping them. Many families in the village have received the filters and repaired the pump.

This is the thing that she have done before she leave. "    The next phase of our Village Sanitation Project has begun. Filters! Filters are being delivered and installed over the next week. This allows families access for 40L of clean drinkable water. This is such an amazing gift for this community. At times families have been forced to drink contaminated water from their pumps causing chronic illness and disease. Cambodia has no health care system, no insurance policies and no sick leave of any kind. This means when they are ill, their main concern is not the illness, but the work that they must miss and the money that they won't receive. Their lively hood is taken away from them when they are ill. This can determine if a family eats or goes hungry.
Hopefully now with these new filters these families can rest assured that the water they are drinking and supplying to their families is clean. " 
Thank you very much Nadia for helping Cambodian people by used your own money, time and everything. We will miss you and hopefully you can come back this year or next year. All of us students, staff and Managing Director wishes you all the best and successful in your life. We are all loved you Nadia.