Monday, February 24, 2014

Three classrooms were donated

As you have known already most of the people in Mondul 3, they do no have money to support their families. Some time they do not even cloths for their children to wear.
Education is really important for them and they would send their kids go to school without pay anything. So how can they send their kids go to school if they do not have much money to feed themselves.  
 NHC had more than 1,000 students are studying currently.  More than 100 students are waiting for going to school at New Hope Cambodia Because the students more increase, that is why we converted our office before to be the classroom. But it is still not enough for them. 

Lucky us, we got three classrooms, sponsored by Gayle and her family. They were greeted by our Managing Director Kem Sour, Ron Carter , students and all staff at NHC. 

Thank you so much for your supported, as we really needed the classroom for helping these people. 
So,now  more than 100 students are waiting will have the classroom for study.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Great and work hard men

Losing someone we loved is a very sad that the people around the word do not to be happening, even if they do not want but loss remain.but while regretting we are also happy when that person get what of their aspirations in their life. 

Mark and Antony have been worked with New Hope Cambodia for a long times ago. They were amazing men, they really helpful to these people. They both working in voluntorism department. During they worked here, many volunteers came through every week. 

Both, volunteers and all staff really loved them and really want them to coming back again.

   Thank you so much for two of you, that spent your valuable times here, shared your knowledge and help to run this department especial this whole organization.  

   We will remember for all your in put here. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Three New Display Board

Banner, display board or signs are really important for all the business around the world. All of the company, organization even big or small but they still need them to show the people. It is can make more people know about their companies  names, places and activities. It is really attractive for all the people when they see those advertising. But they had differences advertises between one company to other companies. Some time they using the advertises in TV, Radio, banner, display board , brochures, etc...............................
Even if they do that with the difference advertise but they also can get more customers .  

New Hope Cambodia is an organization that providing free education, medical clinic, vocation training and family sponsorship. Many visitors came almost everyday to visit NHC. Some of them they have known by website, brochures, volunteers or mouth to mouth, but they do not know where is it.
Because we got many visitors and also all those advertising above are important, this is why New Hope Cambodia put three more display boards be long the road.
The three new display boards are, the corner of Baray Orndeart Movie house, the New Hope old school and also at the corner into village.

These are can make more people know where we are and know about our activities here, as well as can make them easy to find.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Suy Em and her sponsor

Suy Em is 27 years old, she got five children, three girls and two boys. The younger daughter are twin Jun Ti and Jun Tai , and her little girl Theda. Her two boys were at home and her husband was working.  She does not work anything and her husband is a catching fish. Sometime they can earn $2 to $2.5 but sometime no because he can not catch the fish. The reason that she has many children because she said "  i do not have nay knowledge so i am very scare about the contraception. She had thought that it is maybe make me hurt or pain this is why she did not do that. One more thing is because we just stayed at home and we do not do anything". They lived in a small house before but now they living with her sister in low’s house because her house was broken. She said it is very hard to live with them because she does not have money to spend such as for foods and electricity. Some time they complain and do not want them to live with any more. As we have already known that living in someone’s house it is not easy. 

Lucky them, they got a sponsored from Alex Nance, Alex Nance’s mother and Judith Andersen. Alex Nance’s mother has came here as a volunteer two months ago. 

Alex Nance and her friend Kirsite have been at Mondulkiri province ( At the border between Cambodia & Vietnam ) as volunteers. After they finished there they decided to coming here. Her mother asked her to see her family sponsored. Alec Nance met Suy Em family yesterday and only one night she made the bags for Alex Nance and her family from the palm leaves as a gift (   as you see in the photo ). They looked really wonderful. 

Alex and her friend took them to have lunch at NHC training restaurant. She took Tom Yum Soup and two banana smoothies for them. She said since she was born she never taste this food and drinks, as well as she never ever known the seafood. 

She packaged foods, which she left for her two boys at home as they were waiting her at there.

 Alex said it has been so wonderful meeting Suy Em and her beautiful family.