Monday, January 27, 2014

Before 8 o'clock

New Hope Cambodia school open every Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
They always arrive before 8 Am and they have a difference activities before they go to classroom. They created difference games as well as difference groups. Some of them they jump with an elastic string, throwing the ball, images searching and some played in the playground.

This are their activities when they came to school but some of them sometime they did not do anything, they just standing  or sitting on the floor.

It is just the games they would like to play with their friends and with their attitude.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bike fixing, Brick clearing and Overlay new soil on a roughly recent

Two weeks ago you have already read about the group from G Adventure where they look a part to filled up the road and smashed brick clearing at New Hope Cambodia. But now the group from G Adventure again with six people came for clearing the smashes brick in difference place. They collected the small brick to put where the road very pumping, as well as they put the sand on the those bricks so that it is more easier for people across. Not only brought the small brink but they have also fixed the bikes which was broken. Even if they do not know too much about the repair bike but they really helpful.After they have done with the bike they ride the bicycle to visited the village where the slum people living.

They really have done a very good job for helping people in this communities.

Monday, January 13, 2014

69th Rice Drop Day

Rice drop day is a special day of the people who receive supported from donors from the other  countries in the world , not only citizens but also including staff and volunteers. For new volunteers are always waiting for an opportunity to  see what will happen in that event. It is rare and occurs for them and it is also something new in their life who has never faced. Sometimes they may be confusing both body and mind because they do not  know what to do when there are many people here. And hand it is made them got stricken when people come straight and ask for rice and especially , when the staff  let them to hole or carry the rice for 20 or 30kg. Some of them said you going to kill me now but if you see the activities in that even you will more understand than read this.
It is not just an event​ of the rice day of rice to people here, but it is also a chance for all the stall and volunteers meet each other and talk about this or about that. As we all know that it is also a good day that our founder Kem Sour talk to villager about the good thing and tell them how to take care the health and have to send their kids come to school. As we know that education is really important. 
Volunteers, especially men as well as some staff was very tired by as the population growing every months so the number of rice also more increase. Lifting one bags of rice is not light  and they did not lift only one bags but many many bags of rice, this is why  made them very tired.

However, it is  also gave them a motivation in helping them to the end, which is not provided
useful to those people, but it also offers a new experience to them. 

In summary, rice drop day is really important for them people in their lives and for their whole families. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Road Fill Up and Smashed Brick Clearing

Most people are waiting for the rain that it can provide enough water in planting crops​ of agriculture, or other uses.It provides many benefits for the general population, and especially to make them more happy for those who do not have enough water. Meanwhile and make them happy during the rainy season, it also makes people damage to the equipment in the houses or rice and agricultural. It can cause floods and storms affect the living and their jobs as well.

If we look to the road or the path that many people ride through to is really damage by rain. There are several factors that cause road damage after the rain, and it makes people more difficult to trip. It is not only the city but also in remote area,  especially in the Mondul Bai village.

Mondul Bai vilage is an area which many poor people living there and it is also where New Hope Cambodia always gives hope to people who live there. If you ever visit New Hope Cambodia and you will know whether the situation in the area is like, anyway.

During the rainy season, some part of the road leading to New Hope Cambodia we damaged by rain water. This caused students, staff, volunteers, supported people and all the people who is across the road are really difficult to access at New Hope Cambodia. To  avoid further damage in the next rainy season , the broken road needs fixing up in this dry season. At the same time, the smashed brick remains from building renovation for library and store room, use able to fill up the road is required clearing for students play area.
Because of the road needed fill up and a generous people want to help this is why New Hope Cambodia gave them a projects by take the smashed brick to fill up the road to New Hope.

last week, group from G Adventure with 7 people come and help New Hope project as collected all the smashed brick to fill the road. It is not easy  in the collection of stones put into the truck and also it is not a light thing to take them down.It is not only put them up or down but they had also killed them  Absolutely, they were work hard and it was almost no more power to do for the second days but they were tried to do, including New Hope staff as well as the neighbour in that comminities until  they finished.

Now the road is looked better than before if you saw the picture when we did not fix and after we fixed.
As well as you can imaging how worked hard they are.

This is one of an organization project and we have also more projects to the other group for coming and want to help in this communities.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

AFO Sports Day

Sport is an important activities for young people, whether old or adolescents, however because it provides a strong healthy.Some people can not lack in the gym, sometimes it really more important than food.  Sports have many types depending on the player's preference that all sports have different significance. Moreover, it also has various sports from different localities of the lives of people and sometimes they do not know how to play the sports that are not in the area where they live.

On Wednesday this week group from AFO ( Aussies For Orphans ) organized  some kids of New Hope Cambodia Organization to  play the games at the sport filed near the organization. All teachers and staff a number gathered in the morning to prepare games for all kids. Then, children were divided into five groups according to the color papers and their name on their t-shirts.
We have seven games for them to play, and each team required to change the game within 15 to 20 minutes. When someone gambling winnings we are  giving them the  prize.
Game Activities 
·       1.  sack race
·       2. Rice bag throwing game
·       3. Water bottle race
·       4.  Relay with skipping ropes
·       5.     Egg and spoon race (kids can eat eggs at the end of this game)
·       6.   Running races
  7. Soccer (as separate activity for older children who attend)

When they participate in these games, and then we give those children break for eating the food, and also the teachers took all the kids returned to school to home.

They really enjoy what they do on that day that it is a competitive sport, but it also does not make their loss depression when they do not get the victory.
It is a new experience for them in the competition to get a victory from their partners.