Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Hope Calendar 2015

Available now - New Hope Cambodia, 2015 Calendars.

Volunteers and staff from New Hope Cambodia have produced a desk top calendar for 2015. The photos in the calendar express everyday life in this wonderful country of Cambodia. 

All proceeds go to the recently launched New Hope Cambodia Disability Program. Funds raised will purchase much needed equipment, therapy, house modifications, and day to day needs for people of all ages living with disability who are supported by New Hope Cambodia.

Calendars are $8 each plus postage. Postage varies according to country of delivery.

If you would like to purchase one of these pictorial calendars please reply via Facebook and we will contact you for delivery and payment details

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

80th Rice Drop Day

Rice drop day is a special day for volunteers, staffs and a specially villagers. It is celebrate every second Friday of the months and all of the people in that is really excited what they have done. 

On Friday last week was rice drop day, the families number more increase every month, as outreach depart was responsible for families’ sponsorship. All families sponsored came to get their rices, amounts and also groceries. We prepared the rices and groceries in the morning and we started again at 1:30pm. We have finished that day around 4pm. In that day, Clare High School had join and they had a bit tired but still smile to those people who come to get their rice.

It was a good experience and a new thing for those people that they never do before and it was really amazing day for all new volunteers and visitors, as New Hope always do an amazing job for these people.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


As you know already that NHC has created a new restaurant at Bakong District. Last weekend this restaurant was launched by Managing director, Board director and Officials around the area. It had many people join this opening such as volunteers, staff at NHC and people from Bakong area. This restaurant is called “BAKONG ANCIENT CITY”.

The food that we sell at our Training restaurant at NHC will be the same as at Bakong. It is Khmer food, Western food and drink, coffee, orange juice, fruit juice....etc. that is made by our trainees. Our restaurant near Bakong temple which easy for visitors to relax, drinking coffee or taste Khmer food after they are tired from visiting the temple. So when you visit Siem Reap, please don’t forget go to taste food at BAKONG ANCIENT CITY and visit NHC you will understand more about the people life. 

Thanks you so much for always supported NHC.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Souvenir Shop at New Hope Cambodia

Helping people is one of the things some people want to do. Some of them want to help those who cannot support themselves but they do not know how. Now you can help poor people by your shopping. When you buy handmade products, you can help them because they have work to do and they also can earn some money to support their family. Addition you can protect environment because most of these products make from recycle thing.

Now we create Souvenir Shop at NHC. Our products that we sell as Shinta Mani hotel. We sell handmade products from our woodwork shop and sewing class. Moreover we have T-shirts, aprons, recipes and can bags painting.... etc. This project will finish soon. So when you visit NHC, please don’t forget visit our Souvenir Shop and also buy some products to support us.

Thank you so much for your support, see you soon at our Souvenir Shop :) :) :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

79th of the rice drop day

79th of the rice drop day, the families sponsored increase till 347 families. It has a lot of people come to get their rice and also it was the busy day for all the staff and volunteers. We started the same every month. In the morning all of volunteers and staff organize rice, source and garlic. The women prepared source and garlic and men prepared the rice, as you know that rice is really heavy. They finished at 10 am. After that all of them gone home.

At 1: 30 pm they come back again to see what happen next. In the same time sponsored families also come. They have to make a line before they come in. when a families start to come. We stared to provide the rice for them during 2:30 to 3:00pm after Our Managing Director finish speech. In that time, everyone was busy inside & outside the gate. All of their relative waiting for them outside to bring rice back home. We finished around 4pm.  Everyone really working hard but they're happy. 

However, thank you very much for all staff, volunteers for always help, and especial thanks is to Cheryl Elliott for amazing job and also thanks for all supporters.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cambodia's Water Festival

For the people of Cambodia, the Water Festival and Bon Om Touk (The Pirogue Racing Festival) in Phnom Penh is the most magnificent traditional festival. For three days Phnom Penh citizens, foreign tourists and peasants from various provinces gather in the capital to celebrate festival night day. But we missed this ceremony for many years ago because it had a lot of people died on KohPich Bridge by a big accident.  When a crowd of people packed onto the narrow KohPich footbridge, which connects Phnom Penh to KohPich(“Diamond Island”). The large numbers of people became unable to move and were caught in a crush; this ultimately led to the deaths of over 350 people, with a similar number being injured. However this year, we celebrate this ceremony again.

The water festival had background for so long time. The water festival ceremony is the army training to do attest of the army for preparing to do a battle. In the history, Khmer King always does the battle with enemies by sailing. So he prepares this water festival ceremony every year to choose Champion of sailing battle, as in Bayon Temple, BatteayChhmar in the Preah Bat Jayvarman VII. We had seen a lot of statues about sailing battle under leading of Jayvarman VII. The custom of this is to have from then up to the present.
On the other hand the water is celebrated every year in November to honor the victory of Cambodian Naval forces in the reign of King JayvarmanVII, during Angkor period of the 12th century.
And this ceremony is to history about military exercise of our navy force in the course of national defense and to express thanks to the 3 Buddhist symbols Gods and holy thing which helped us and agriculture field and serves as an opportunity to pray for our lord for the happiness and sufficient rain for rice cultivation.
Besides the regatta, the water festival also includes three other ceremonies: Illuminated float (Loy Pratip), Moon salutation (Sampeas PreahKhe) and the eating of pestle new special rice with banana or coconut juice (Ork Ambok). The ceremony last three days to provide opportunity for people to part in competition that there were to types of boats from near and far of provinces, taking part in the races, the pirogue and the rowing boat. Each boat was manned by about thirty to forty men or women. The boat with a man or a woman dancing softly and gracefully to the rhythm of the drums on the bow as an encouragement to the rowers moved swiftly through the water.
There as the race winners will be rewarded a lot of good such as: drink, money, clothes, rice, cigarettes and the commission of the boat racing day must seek donations in order to provide this prize for participants.
During the nighttime at about seven o'clock the river was lit by jazzy illuminated boats, which floated slowly and smoothly on the water's surface. Each of them was equipped with thousands of flashy neon lights arranged in different colorful, fancy patterns representing state institutions, ministries and services.
After a little time fireworks and multi-color were lit to entertain people. Some of people made loud noises. They burst into different shapes and colors in the sky under the clapped and cheered with joy each time at the sight of the fireworks.

Finally the water festival is the festivity for the Cambodian people who celebrated every years and going for a walk during the ceremony days really refreshed our mood. The lively festive atmosphere helped relive our tension and trouble.