Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Real Life

 Life is hope and struggle. They need hope to make their lives in the further. It can not make their lives brighter light, if they have no hope and struggle. But at the same time and they have hope in their life they are also needed​ support and encouragement from the other people. This is can make them more powers to think a good thing and they will try to make their lives to be strong, at least no bodies look down at them.

This is the real house and the real life for poor people. I am sure that as you are ever only stay in the nice rooms, big houses and have many good thing but not it is mean they are can make you have a happiness all the time.
This picture just want to show you that even if they have a small house and no much thing than you but they are really happy with their life and happiness , especially they almost smile all the time.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Cloth For New Hope Cambodia Students.

Venture of Love is a group of women led by Lyn and Lorraine. They meet every Thursday at Edwardstown in Adelaide, South Australia and sew clothes for needy children around the world.
After discussion with Janet Munt, a New Hope volunteer, the women decided to supply clothes for the New Hope Cambodia children. In a short time they produced 120 quality outfits, either shorts or skirts with matching colour-co-ordinated t-shirts. It was an amazing effort.

While Janet was at New Hope Cambodia in November, many staff and other volunteers kindly helped to fit out the children in their new clothes. Many parents were extremely grateful for this special donation. Such a difference was made to so many.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Charities's People

 Helping people is a good thing for people to do that it is depending on how is people's heart. Which is not only a budget​ but it can be a time,words  as well as other incentives. These factors helped them to think widely in the earth where they live currently. To meet the needs of people, it can be understood from the human heart. ​But it was not easy in the human empathy and it is not also easy in the fulfilment of their desire.​ But when we know their needs, we can provide what they want and they have fun in the acceptance of that.
However, many people are waiting to donate a chain

to orphanages or other organizations.They know that in those units really need their assistance.While the people's needs as well as New Hope Cambodia looking for assistance to help supply to children as well as a project we are doing and also those people  would  love to help, this is why they spent their money & their valuable time to come here. It is a big help for all of us to continue to provide education to children who could not afford to go to private schools.

 ​​These pictures are showed you about the charities's people who helped us and they will continues to support and continue coming here someday.
Thank you very much for you guys for gave us your special time and give us the opportunities to know more about the world's life.