Sunday, October 27, 2013

Important of Educations

Educations is the most sector for the people  to get an educations,  knowledge, experiences ,life skill and also  new things in the social. In a country or society must be intelligent, smart & enough knowledge leader to be a flourish of the leadership . But if that country have no good leadership it is will be declining economy, people lost interest income and the social irregularities. So educations is very influence and impact to the people around the world. But most people, especially people in Cambodia they do not come to school because their families do not allow them to study and also have no money for them. Some of parents think that it is not important for their children to school specially for the girls because they thought when they learned how to write the letters they will write for the boys.  The best thing for their parents want them to do is stop to study and find a job to do to feed the families and  some of them stay at home.  These factors that they do not want their children to go to school. Siem Reap province is  one of poor province which is many people do not come to school , especially  for people in Mondul 3 village at one of slum area. Most of the kids are pick up the cans, battles ,Shells triggers and others to sell and get money to survives. Because of the gaps of the educations as well as lack of access to provide children to school , New Hope Cambodia providing by free educations to people
 in Siem Reap, especially people in Mondul 3 village.

New Hope Cambodia is a grass roots, rapidly growing Non-Government Organisation (NGO) run by a dedicated individual, a local Khmer called Sot Suo (Kemsour).The focus of New Hope is 'free education for all' as the founders recognition the vital role education plays in helping break the cycle of poverty. New Hope Has 10 classrooms that 7 classes for English class, 3 classes for computer class, sewing class and library. New Hope has 869 students and we teaching English, Math, Moral Lessons and sewing. Every  8’oclock morning all the kids make a line be fore they go to the classes by sending in front of the school and sing the songs  as their teacher told them . They spent 15 to 20 minutes everyday before they go to the classes.  We divided for four sections in the curriculum and 10 teachers for teaching in the class but in each classes we put one or two volunteers to help the teacher that depending on the number of volunteers increases or decreased. The first and the second section from 8 o’clock in the morning till 10:30 and 2 o’clock till 4 o’clock for kindergarten and for  grade 1 to grade 6, the third and fourth section is for the adult time from 4:00 to 5:00 and from 5:00 to 6:00 such as Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. In the sewing class we taught for two levels and we trained the girls to know how to sew the cloths so that when they finished the training they can run a small business in their house and also they can working with New Hope Cambodia when we open the business. Everything in the sewing class is free for the girls and they will finish for six months in each levels. We provide food to 135-140 Kindergarten kids daily and also we provided school uniform once a year. In our vision is to enable to children acquire necessary skill to expand their opportunities and live in their lives with high know and virtue for a better and brighter future. Through our education, they will become good students, good children and good citizens. So in the future  they get good jobs and they will help their families and themselves to have a better life. In the future our plan are going to construction the built for the primary school ( Khmer School ) from grade 1 to grade 6 but now we are looking for sponsorship who would like to help the children.   This is what we are  providing for the children and the ladies but also we provided the educations for the women at the house such us how to prevent  more children, planting crop or agricultural at home. It is also contributions for the families to get more income in additions waiting for sponsoring from the organization.

So, educations really important for them to change their life more better and also for the whole social. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After Performance

 Temples is the most things in Cambodia that the tourist come to see and want to know more clear about them and after for three days they have been already at the temples,they are also leave from this country because they think that no more places to see or get to know. But it is not like they thought,many thing in this country that they never seen before and also they never did as some of them living in the city and i am sure that most of the tourist they are from the city and also they never seen the beautiful views at the countryside  or Cambodian's life.Would you see the green color in the countryside? What will you see if you going there?
You will get more fresh and more better feel when you get there and also you will see how the people grow the rice filed and how do people live.
For this time New Hope Cambodia Organization will take you to the a new things for you after you working in New Hope for five days.

To change your feelings after the performance, the thing that can make you more happy or excited is see everything new that you never seen before. New Hope will take you to all of these places and you will learn more about Cambodian's life that it is not only in the class.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Hope Cambodia's Tours

Cambodia is a country that increased tourism,from a year to year many tourist come to visit this country that most of them they called this country " Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder " . This has many tourism to see and also to get a experience. People are friendly and helpful. Because of this country is a beautiful country and have many thing to see and to do this is why the tourist from another countries come to have a look how is the Cambodian's lives and also get a new thing, The people in this country make money by creating a new thing and difference that especially the things that make by hand. Even thought in this country have many thing to see but most of them will be lose the way or maybe they do not know where they would to go or to do. New Hope Cambodia is an organization that providing free education and medical clinic,many people come to do a volunteers here in recently with a difference skill in the difference departments. Because after they are working 5 days a week, they do not know  where will they go or what they going to do, New Hope Cambodia created a tour for them so that at the weekend they can go where ever they want.

New Hope Cambodia arrange all the tour in Siem Reap and also around in Cambodia,especially at Battambong and Preah Vihear Province. In each provinces has a difference  beautiful reviews and difference words of people. Every places in this country are difference  such as words, action, lives, eat, culture, believe, transitional and something else.  So if somebody not only the volunteers in New Hope would to go somewhere they can tell to New Hope Tour and they will arrange for them. There are more very nice places in Cambodia, if you would to see more pictures or any where you would to visit please contact us by:
Phone Number:+855(0)97 51 22 596

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Improving the Educations

Educations is the most sector for the people  to get an educations,  knowledge, experiences ,life skill and also  new things in the social. In a country or society must be intelligent, smart & enough knowledge leader to be a flourish of the leadership . But if that country have no good leadership it is will be declining economy, people lost interest income and the social irregularities.These sectors are depending on,do the people in their house have much money for their kids to study or not?If they have much money to send their children to school it is good because at least their children can understand much more than do not go to school. These are what New Hope Cambodia always trying provide them the skill and knowledge,so that they can competition with their competitors out side.Meanwhile,New Hope Cambodia also had provided them the school uniform for them when they go to the public school ( Khmer School ),that they need the school uniform for study. New Hope Cambodia Organization provided them the school uniform the students who's studying in New Hope Cambodia for 488 students. 

On Tuesday,01 August 2013 New Hope Cambodia Organization created the events for giving the school uniform for 488 students. In this events we provide them who is studying  in public school
 ( Khmer School )
that we give them from age 4 to 18 with the difference shirt and skirt, that it is depending on how old are they?These school uniform are sponsored by Tim Staffield that his is also contribution to helping the children, otherwise he also increase the knowledge for the children to develop their life.We divided for two sections, morning and in the afternoon and we always provide them once a year, that every year more increased. 

All of them really glad with their new school uniform and they are happy what they had as well as their families when they back home.