Monday, September 30, 2013

Nole's Family

New Hope Cambodia is one of organization which has strong support from external electrified, which provides the education & support to families who had lack of life,especially the volunteers and the visitors.New Hope Cambodia always help people in the village so that their life will more increase and also they will not allow their kids to find a job without send them to school. This is what New Hope trying to help them every them. Because of the people in the village more needed and also they do not have anything to take them to New Hope when they are get sick this is why Noel's family gave a new car for the clinic when they go to treatment the villager in the village.

On 30,September 2013 morning Mr Noel  and his wife Colleen had been welcome by Managing Director, students and staff of New Hope Cambodia Organization to show a new care as well as the donor that given by Nole's family for the Clinic and also for the whole organization.In providing a car to New Hope Cambodia Organization, Mr Soth Kemsour the Managing Director gave  the recommendation to the students, teachers and staff and also thanks to Mr Noel's family the provide the organization as a car that it is more easily for the staff at the mission.

All of them really proud with themselves that contributions to help with people in this area that not only Noel's family but all of the people who working  in this organization.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AITC Group Achievement

 There's nothing better than to change, even if it is​​ too late or too fast.
That it is  can change from bad to good, or from good to bad thing, it depends on the type of group of people. They are can change everything if they are cooperate each other. Because of the collaboration can change what they want, this is why a group from Australia Industry Trade College ( AITC ) had strong collaboration between teachers and some of the student to construction of covered walkway and waiting area for the students, staff and also the patients at New Hope Cambodia Organization. They are also completed the lay new tiles at women's shelter & old clinic. They donations in the budget to complete all of  the work. These factors that changed between New Hope Cambodia Organization and AITC group.

The AITC has arrived in Siem Reap on September 14, 2013 with the 26 people included teachers,welcome by Mr Soth Kemsour, Managing Director and Mr Ron Carter, Operation & Public Relation Manager  of New Hope Cambodia Organization. Within the first two days, they  travelled  to the temples in Siem Reap. After travelled ​ on Monday, they arrived in New Hope Cambodia organization to check on work to do as well as divided the work on their capacity or  to their preferences. They were divided those jobs into 6 section that some of them were in the classes, in the kitchen , bike repair shop, women's shelter, hair cut and some worked in the construction waiting area.They changed the work each other from day to day to change the experience as well as to get a new knowledge. They work very hard on the and perfectness,especially on each work they do because they focus on the future not the recently.They tried to do their job to get the high quality rather than quantity and tried to do even in Sunday & Saturday that the days for rest. They helped a lot of people in the community, as well as  provided them the convenience. Although they toil to fill those jobs, but they are still happy and proud for themselves what they did with their group.

If we are look to the achievement of the AITC group worked after they working a week it has changed very much​ that most jobs are completed, however, they are tried to do the best jobs from their abilities.
At the end of their work the AITC group and also New Hope Cambodia Organization's  Managing Director planting the mango tree as representative of their efforts as well as for the souvenir. Mr Soth Kemsour has speech to the group and give thanks to them for spent much value times to work with New Hope Cambodia, as well as gave them the THANKS  certificate, took some of photo with the difference types of shirt.

These are achievement photos before they started and after they finished. It is very changed for the people in Mondul 3 village and also the people surrounding Siem Reap Province.On behalf of New Hope Cambodia Organization thank you very much for your group to helped us,especially our people in Siem Reap.

Monday, September 16, 2013

" Lane Cove FC" Football Teams

 On Saturday morning some of the volunteers, Tuk Tuk drivers and also New Hope staff decided to make the teams to play the football. All Khmer football uniform are provided by Laura Curroll and the name of the team was name " Lane Cove FC " . Both teams are man and woman, one team was man and one more teams was man & woman. They tried to compete head to get their victory, although under the rain. However, the competition always win and lose, eventually the winner was the volunteers group. Even  this should not be a gift, but they are fun, especially friendship more  increased.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Achievements of the organization during the first six months, the goal to the future and the other things.

On Saturday 31th Aug 2013 the New Hope Cambodia held a meeting  with the participation of all the staff & presided over by our Managing Director Sot Sour( Kemsour) and  titled " Achievements of the organization during this first six months, the  goal to the future and the other things" .Every six months Kemsour meets with the staff the purpose being to highlight the achievements of the past 6 months & explain plans for coming 6 months. The results of the past six months show that there were significant increases in the number of poor  people to get sponsorships for supply of rice.  The organisation recorded many remarkable achievements during the past six months some of which wereas follows:
- Reduced costs but increased income
-  Greater Recognition from foreign donors
- The new School at Kompong Thom was been opened in May
-  A new car for the clinic was donated by from Noel & Colleen from Qld. Australia.
- Taylor house added six new rooms for in need families, three new toilets and one kitchen.
- Two pieces of  land were purchased
- Built a new marquee size 10m * 4.5m funded by Mareeba High school
Apart from these great achievements New Hope also has a series of plans in place for future growth in coming years.

Some of our future plans are:
- Sewing Project
- Lay new tiles at the women's shelter.
- Produce pure water project
- Create a class to study both traditional & western musical instruments
                                                       - Grow our tour company services
- Construction of a covered Walkway &  waiting area with a size of 20m x 4m.
After showing the achievement of the past year and the first six months the Managing Director of New Hope Cambodia talked about the successful achievements & thanked all the staff for their contribution to the success of the organization. He added that a successful  organization has to have participation of staff at all levels & in all departments to share their knowledge & experiences. Kemsour explained that both his & New Hopes focus is on education because educations is so important for the children and also for their families. So what we going to do is strengthen the education sector because only education can provide change  for their future and everything in their life. What Kemsour highlights to the staff is a slogan which means " A good teacher is a teacher to teach students to know more than teachers " . So it is means that teachers must know the methods to teach more effectively to the younger generations because they are the pillars of the organization as well as the country as a whole. After providing advice to the staff  Kemsour are opened the floor to a questions and answers program as he wanted all staff to know that their views & opinions matter. 

Finally Mr Sot Sour the Direct Managing of New Hope Cambodia give thanks to all participants for meeting to day and sharing the experience & knowledge with each other. He stated that each of you can make this organization successful in the future.