Friday, August 30, 2013

New Hope Training Restaurant

As we all know there are many restaurants or training restaurants in the town of Siem Reap Province and all of them are most important for tourists to come and to eat. Everyone wants to eat good hygienic food at a lowl cost  and the highest expectation is to eat healthy meals with a good service.  All of these restaurants are clean with fantastic foods. However New Hope Cambodia's Restaurant is one of the finest Training Restaurants in Siem Reap and also a very special place for people to visit as New Hope is not just a Restaurant but also  provides Free education & Health care to the local poor community. New Hope Cambodia is a grass roots, rapidly growing Non-Government Organisation (NGO) run by a dedicated individual, a local Khmer called Sot Suo (Kemsour).
The  restaurant  was established  in August 2010 & is  sponsored by G Adventures & Planeterra. The restaurant currently opens Mon to Fri from 8 am to 4 pm  or 9 pm depending on bookings. Our future plan is to open 7 days a week.  The restaurant has 7 fulltime staff & 5 trainees ay any one time on a 6 month trainee-ship. Srey Mom, the Restaurants Manager, is  Kemsour's wife & was a Professionally Trained Chef at one of Siem Reap's Five Star Restaurants. and Chhom Seila is the Executive Cook in the restaurant, he has been a cook for more than ten years. 
Every week Tour groups come the restaurant for a set menu lunch or dinner mostly from GAdventures but this customer base is growing rapidly. Customers can order from our extensive Asian or Western A'la'carte menu or enjoy our Khmer set menu.  The restaurant can seat up to 34 customers & Meal prices range from $2-$5 from the menu or the set menu for $7 per person. Our traditional Khmer Amok, Curry & fresh spring rolls are firm favourites with our customers & our Coffee Banana shake is a very popular drink. We also have an extensive range of fabulous cocktails.

 Our wonderful volunteers often eat in the restaurant & they  praise the achievements of our chef  & staff & have given many amazing reviews on Tripadvisor. We look forward to sharing our wonderful Restaurant with you in the future.
To read some reviews about the restaurant feel free to follow the link provided below and if you have eaten here please provide a review, we would greatly appreciate it. We hope to see new customers and returning customers at the New Hope Training Restaurant soon!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Team Effort to Fix a Local Home

 Many houses in Mondul 3 village , Siem Reap province are  fixed by New Hope Cambodia but there are also many that still badly  need  repairing. Apart from house repairs it is important for our outreach staff to check on the status of living conditions as well as their livelihood & also to make sure they will take their children to the school as New Hope Cambodia provides them free education. Some houses & especially this one are so badly broken & in need of repair that New Hope Cambodia Organization tried to seek help from abroad to fix them. Melanie Hardman working as a volunteer in Outreach department knows about the difficulties of the living conditions so she told to her friend who has a charitable heart & wanted to help the people in Mondul 3 so she decided to pay for this house to be fixed by donating her own money. 

On 22nd August,2013  New Hope Cambodia allowed Mr Ben Castine and Mr Terry Moran who are a volunteers  to fix the house and because  Mr Terry is an engineer he knows how to repair properly. Not only the two of them worked on this house but also  some of the staff of New Hope and some Tuk Tuk driver helped to fix .  They bought many materials to fix the house such as bamboos, Stilts,  Nails, Palm leaf walls , Wood , Wires, Tin and other products.  This house was almost demolished in order to rebuild , especially the back of the kitchen because  the stilts were broken by the rain. Because the house is near the river, it is easy to make the house rot and many of the items were broken. It is very hard to fix the house in a few 
days but they tried to do very quickly in the short time & even on their day off. They spent five days to repair the house and they are really sure that this house will last for the long-term. 

They were really pleased &satisfied after they had finished their work and very proud that they contributed to the local community & the house owner was very very happy to have a good home to live in with her family.    

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Clinic Department

New Hope Cambodia is an organization which has many departments for helping poor families such as Public Relations, Clinic department, Outreach department, Restaurant , Sewing Class , Bike repair shop , Education department, IT ,Tours, Voluntourism  and others.This is one of our departments we would like to highlight our activities which is the Clinic Department " . 

The Clinic was established on 08.12.2011  and sponsored by Chris  Bonner and family living in Australia, Chris is one of our Australian Board Members & he visits here every year. The Clinic has 11 rooms including 3   Medical rooms,  Doctors rooms, Pharmacy ,Triage & Treatment rooms & Patient waiting room .Miss Jody Bonar  our Services Manager is responsible for all the work relevant to the clinic. She reports to our supporters and donors on what we have done regarding health sector. We have 2 staff to assist doctors and nurses with translation. Many patients  come to the Free Clinic sometimes in excess of 100 a day especially on Monday and  Friday. They come to recieve free treatment for a range of diseases but the most common type of disease that occurs everyday is Diarrhea , Malaria , Dengue fever , Burns, Malnutrition related issues and others.If  they  have a serious illness and the clinic do not have the equipment to help we will send them to the hospital to treat them & New Hope Cambodia will pay the cost. . Some of the villagers are too weak or too ill to come to check their disease by themselves  but they have someone contact the clinic who arrange the Tuk Tuk to pick them up & bring to clinic. Everything in the clinic is free but except the blood testing .  if patients need to blood test we must send them to the laboratory to be tested for the type of disease  and if they are too poor we cover the cost.

We also provide milk formula  to poor mothers who, because of their own malnourishmen, have no  breast milk. this is dependent on  family size as well as the age of the child. In 2011, we have provided 1032 cans of milk formula to 516 babies who are below 12 month old; each received 2 big cans. Every month, we provide 92 cans of milk formula to 46 babies who are below 12 month old. In 2012, provided 934 cans of milk formula to 468 families and in 2013 for six months , we provided 450 cans of  formula milk to 225 families.All these very poor babies are now living at Mondul 3 Village, Trang Village and Trapangses Village, KorkChoak District, Siem Reap Province.
Before they see our nurses or doctors, all patients have to meet with our receptionist at the front desk, providing all information about family background and health conditions & family medicval records are kept on all patients coming through the clinic.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Refurbishing the old medical and outreach center

As we all know helping people is a very good thing to do even if it is big or small and it depends on what is in the people's heart. Some people, even they rich but they do not want to help the poor people but some are different, they  are poor but they are really want to help the people. The old clinic and outreach center was the place that New Hope Cambodia first started. After New Hope moved to it's new premises we kept that place for people to live who have no husband or poor families. The problem there is the tiles we had before were broken  and this is why one group from G Adventure  Tour Company including  11 people came to visit New Hope Cambodia and they decided  to help with their labor to fix the  tiles at old clinic and the outreach center. We had a big space to fill. This is one of the charity to help the people from their heart.

Yesterday morning one group from G Adventure came to visited New Hope Cambodia and also to fill the tile sat the old clinic and outreach center. They bought supplies of sand, cement and the tile to fix the ground. They stared to walk from New Hope at 8:15 till 8: 40 am to there place. The first they removed the small broken tiles because the truck drives up and down and this is what has broken the tiles i the first place.  They were starting  to hammer the tile into the ground but the problem twas he sand truck was coming and  because the truck space very small so they kept the sand in front of the building. They had to removed the sand from in front to the back so that they can easier to hammer the tiles They really helped each other to hammer, some of them took the tiles, hammer the tile, make the sand be level and some of them is put the water spray to make the sand smooth so that it is easy to hammer the tile in. After they finished and filled the ground they played with the kids and took some photos with a beautiful smile and  funny faces ,especially they took the photos of the work they had done.

It took one and half day to fill the ground , they  all worked really hard and we are sure they are very tired  but also they really enjoyed their work even if this is the first time for them to do.This is one of the experience they got in their life and they are very proud with themselves to help the people in Cambodia and especially people in Mondul 3.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Group Students From Hong Kong

 As we are all know​ the people around the world born with a difference life, difference places and difference thing, it is depending on how is their families were the pass and in the currently. If someone living with a good families they only learn or can know about a good place, good thing and something new.As the same some of students they really want to learn more between their life and other people life so that they can see what the poor people live and do. This is one group students from Hong Kong to visit New Hope Cambodia to learn and also to understand what New Hope doing and what is the people live. Their goal to visited here is because the student want to learn more between them and other people life.

Yesterday morning one group students from Hong Kong with 11 people came to visit New Hope Cambodia students , the village and old school where New Hope started. They come into the class around 45 minutes to teach the student about the health ,hygiene at school and also at home. In the last time of  teaching they have candy and chocolate to give to the student who is winner in the game to show  which student is smart.

After finished the class they visited the old school where New  was start and the village to see people life. They bought many thing to eat to share the kids in the village and  they area really enjoyed with them.

Nearly 12 o'clock they come back to have lunch in New Hope Training Restaurant with a delicious foods,    very nice drinks and lovely staff. They gave their Hygiene packs as books,pens,toothpaste, shampoos,towel and other to 50 students after they had finish lunch time.

All of their face had with a lovely smile during they playing with the kids and it is can make them never forget  with the activities when they came to see our people in the communities of our country. They have fun and rally enjoyed with their trips.This is one of their experience to know about the people life and see what a diffidence of their life in here or in their countries. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Assistance in Bicycle Repair From Global Explorer Group

   As all of us know, when the road is bad it can cause problems with our bikes, motorcycles, trucks or cars and they  need to be fixed constantly if using them every day. New Hope Cambodia has a bike repair shop which is in the rented land in front of the New Hope building. It opened on January 2013. During the past 18 months New Hope has had approximately 900 bikes donated & were then given to the very poor children & families in our communities, the problem was that when the bike broke down these children & families could not afford to repair them.We have  three people working full time  repairing bicycles for free for the students, staff and also the volunteers. When the volunteers come to visit New Hope Cambodia some of them purchase a bike from the shop and others come by Tuk Tuk. The cost of the bike is $45 to $50, depending on what kind of the bicycle it 
is. When they leave here they do not take the bike back with them but 
donate to the students and some donate to their sponsor family through
 New Hope's outreach dept.

Because of the number of students every day that need their bikes repaired & as this is a free service we do not have enough resources to repair all of them. This is why one group from USA donated supplies for the bike shop, assisting in the maintenance for the bikes which are broken. On Monday 5th August the "Global Explorers Group" came to visit New Hope including 12 students to help with maintenance in the shop. They brought supplies for the shop, such as baskets, sprays, rubber wheels, pedel, bell , cable , tyre tube, chain  and also fixed the bikes which were broken. We have many bikes that were fixed by them and when they were being fixed, the repair jobs were divided into different jobs for girls and boys. The girls fixed the baskets and also brushed the bike by sandpaper to make them smooth and the boys fixed the bikes which were hard to repair. Some of them understood very quickly about how to fix the bike, but some of them found it very difficult to fix because it was the first time for them. After they finished the bike and made them smooth they painted them the color they liked. Whilst they were making the bike smooth and painting with color they had to wear mask so that the smell and the
paint did not cause problems to their nose or their face. They had spent almost 2.5 hours to fix the bikes. They really enjoyed these activities; even though they had not experienced it before. After they finished all of the bikes they took a photo with the bike that they fixed in group before they tried to ride the bicycle. They got one of each of the bike and rode them  along the road , but some of them do not know how to ride the bicycle. After 10 minute they came back from their trip. It was funny and they also had a new experience in their life.

In the last of their activities our Managing Director Kemsour gave them a Thank you letter for helping us and also for donating some supplies to the bike shop to repair the student’s bicycles. He explained to them about the current New Hope activities and the problems in the villages, especially the people in Mondul 3.                                                           

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet one of our volunteers

New Hope Cambodia Organization has many new volunteers every week. They become a volunteers within the not for profit organisation by completing the form on the website about their skills and desires and are placed within the department that they request and are best suited. They come from differing countries and cultural backgrounds, but they all really enjoy their time together. The volunteers share the volunteering experience, knowledge and highlights with each other when they come to New Hope Cambodia in Siem Reap.
One of our volunteers for this week’s post told us about her life and also her highlight in Siem Reap whilst volunteering. This is the first time she has visited Cambodia. She only knew a bit about Cambodia on the day she arrived but after she has stayed here for four weeks her knowledge has increased about Cambodia. Her name is Jessica Smythe, 24 years old. She came from Victoria Australia and she has been here for four weeks. She heard about New Hope Cambodia initially through a festival called Blenheimfest that her boyfriend Ben’s family started in South Australia, which donates it’s profits to New Hope Cambodia. She is working in the school and she has spent a little bit of time with the administrative department also, working with a team to develop a new project for New Hope Cambodia. 

Jessica decided to become a volunteer because she has always wanted to volunteer for a not for profit organisation and the timing was right as she has just graduated from university with a business degree. Her highlight of her four week visit at New Hope was meeting the children in the school, playing with them and especially getting to know about the locals and understanding their life and culture. She really enjoyed spending time in the classroom with the kids and said the local people are very friendly and this is one of the reasons that she does not want to leave.

She stayed at Golden Village Guesthouse during her stay in Siem Reap. The staff in Golden Village are friendly and helpful according to Jessica and she would recommend for her friends to visit Cambodia as volunteers and to stay at Golden Village in the future.
The last comment she wanted to make was "This has been a great experience in my life and is something you should do if you have the opportunity, I hope to continue to visit and volunteer at New Hope Cambodia in the future.”