Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Project in Sewing Class

The sewing class is one of the many opportunities for men and women in Mondul 3 village to learn how to earn money to feed their families. The sewing class was first opened at New Hope Cambodia original site​. In the beginning the class had only two sewing machines and five students.After around six months of operation both  the machines and students  increased.In September  2010 New Hope Cambodia was moved to the new premises and the sewing sector continued to open for the people.At this time  we increased to 24 students morning and afternoon and now had  12 sewing machines, 2 over locker machines , 1 button machine.

We have one full time and one part time professional teachers and the students study for six months each level.We have  two levels of teaching,  level one and level two.For  level one we teach the students how to cut the shirt , skirt ,trousers and other products.. Once finished level one they can continue to study level two which is more advanced, working with material such as silk but the problem is that most of them can not study level two because they are very poor so they don't have money to buy the fabric, needle,cotton and everything needed  for level two. Some of the students after finishing  level one need to get an income so they open their own small           business at home and some of them  find work with   other companies.


Our new sewing workshop project is going to make a school uniforms, aprons, bags, phone cases and other products. We will sell these products into the market and through our own retail shop that we will set up on site at New Hope. In the future we also plan to have our own online shop. These ventures will provide our students with both full and part time employment and allow them to support their very poor families. Some of income from this project will allow us to develop more products and skills for our trainees and improve our level of  equipment.
When this program has been developed look out for us on our social media sites. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rice Drop Day

Last Friday  New Hope Cambodia Organization  celebrated its  63rd Rice Drop. 294 families sponsored by the people around the  world receive their food supply for the coming month , some of families get 50 kg of rice and some 30 kg (It is depend on size of families) and also some small amount of cash to buy vegetable or fish to supplement the rice . On Wednesday the rice was delivered in 50 kg bags and the sauces were delivered  on Friday morning. on Friday the school is closed,so all the staff and volunteers meet together to weigh and prepare the rice,sauces and garlic for each family.Around 10 o'clock they were finished and went  back home.

At 2 o'clock all of the staff and volunteers came back to prepare for the afternoon.At this time the families are arriving and line up outside of the gate where they register and receive their registration card .Once they receive the card they are taken to the seat under the marquee set up for shelter.They then wait for  the Founder and Managing Director Mr Kemsour  to arrive and while they are  waiting some of our volunteers bring  the cups of water to the people both inside and out side the gate and some of them also talk with each other  about their experiences .

After all the people check in, our Managing Director along with some of our department heads seat themselves in front of the families  .Mr Kemsour begins his speech where he talk to the families about   the good things New Hope are doing to help their children receive an education and the importance of education.
When this is  finished the families name are called out one by one to receive their allocation of rice and condiments.As the rice is very heavy our volunteers carry its outside the gate of New Hope premises from where it is the responsibility of the families to get it home.The people started to go home one by one  but some of them are  waiting  for relatives  to help them get home .It is not unusual to see an elderly woman carrying 30 kg of rice on her head as she begins the long walk home in very hot and  humid conditions.




Rice Drop Day is an experience our volunteers talk about and remember for the rest of their lives...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Environmental Clean Up Campaign

 On 03.Jul.1013 The New Hope Cambodia Organization  created a new program in the Mondul 3 Village Siem Reap province.The topic of the new program is " Clean  Up Campaign " and this is the first environmental program for New Hope Cambodia and also for our students. In this case the  participants were our Founder and Managing Director  ( Mr: Kemsour ), a group of Singapore students, volunteers, staff and also New Hope Cambodia's students.. We started to walk from New Hope Cambodia at 2 o'clock through the streets along the river.
We were supplied with plastic bags, Gloves and Receptacles and collected such things as plastic bags,candy wrappers,glass jars and containers, polystyrene and other assorted  items.We worked in groups made up with Singapore  students,New Hope Students,Volunteers and staffs.
We had  some posters made writing about the slogan in English and also in Khmer.The meaning of the slogan is " Clean Environment   Good Living   Good Health " and " Good Resort  Good City  Good Service " .
We carried these posters  along the street to show the villagers and also the people along the road  how to take care of their health  and environment.As we all know rubbish can make the people get very  sick and in some cases can cause death and we also taught our students about cleaning  litter and taking pride in the community. Even though it  was very  hot and dirty everybody  really enjoyed  being involved with this project. 
Our sincere thanks to everybody that took part. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thank you to this weeks departing volunteers!

It's with great sadness that we say goodbye. And today we have to say good-bye to 6 of our volunteers (Tyson Iravani from the U.S., Andrew Sohrabi from the U.S., Margaret Gumley ,Lauren Graham, Amy Fleming, Aine Aneehy ) who all joined us in the few past weeks and are now heading home. We thank them for all their wonderful work, time spent in the classroom teaching, work in the clinic, and help with the village clean-up project last week.  You all will be dearly missed and we hope we will get to see you again soon.

Meet our founder:

In 2007 Soth Kemsour, an ex-Buddhist monk and son of a village chief, purchased land in Mondul 3 after it had been sold off by the army. He soon realised that there was a desperate need for food, education and health care. Much to the dismay of his new wife, Kemsour sold every viable asset they had to build a small grass hut to serve as his classroom. Kemsour taught English and Japanese and eventually founded the New Hope Cambodia organization.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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