Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Real Life

 Life is hope and struggle. They need hope to make their lives in the further. It can not make their lives brighter light, if they have no hope and struggle. But at the same time and they have hope in their life they are also needed​ support and encouragement from the other people. This is can make them more powers to think a good thing and they will try to make their lives to be strong, at least no bodies look down at them.

This is the real house and the real life for poor people. I am sure that as you are ever only stay in the nice rooms, big houses and have many good thing but not it is mean they are can make you have a happiness all the time.
This picture just want to show you that even if they have a small house and no much thing than you but they are really happy with their life and happiness , especially they almost smile all the time.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Cloth For New Hope Cambodia Students.

Venture of Love is a group of women led by Lyn and Lorraine. They meet every Thursday at Edwardstown in Adelaide, South Australia and sew clothes for needy children around the world.
After discussion with Janet Munt, a New Hope volunteer, the women decided to supply clothes for the New Hope Cambodia children. In a short time they produced 120 quality outfits, either shorts or skirts with matching colour-co-ordinated t-shirts. It was an amazing effort.

While Janet was at New Hope Cambodia in November, many staff and other volunteers kindly helped to fit out the children in their new clothes. Many parents were extremely grateful for this special donation. Such a difference was made to so many.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Charities's People

 Helping people is a good thing for people to do that it is depending on how is people's heart. Which is not only a budget​ but it can be a time,words  as well as other incentives. These factors helped them to think widely in the earth where they live currently. To meet the needs of people, it can be understood from the human heart. ​But it was not easy in the human empathy and it is not also easy in the fulfilment of their desire.​ But when we know their needs, we can provide what they want and they have fun in the acceptance of that.
However, many people are waiting to donate a chain

to orphanages or other organizations.They know that in those units really need their assistance.While the people's needs as well as New Hope Cambodia looking for assistance to help supply to children as well as a project we are doing and also those people  would  love to help, this is why they spent their money & their valuable time to come here. It is a big help for all of us to continue to provide education to children who could not afford to go to private schools.

 ​​These pictures are showed you about the charities's people who helped us and they will continues to support and continue coming here someday.
Thank you very much for you guys for gave us your special time and give us the opportunities to know more about the world's life.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ladies Cupcake's Day

 Cake is very popular for people in general, whether old or​ young, especially for the girls. They love too much in cake and they will more happy if somebody buy them a cake on her birthday or take her to the cake shop.   Mostly this type is used in birthday, wedding or other large programs. Design in several categories such as small, large, two to three models as well as more flavour​s of People's. How to make delicious cake is not easy, and not means to open a cake shop in the market all have a delicious taste. It depends on who is a professional and high creativity in the making of it.
Because demanding and attractive people on the
world  this is why the cake shop almost everywhere.
Siem Reap province is one of province that has grown t in the tourism sector of Cambodia. The growth of tourists is increasing every year. There are many cake shops in Siem Reap, and it is also many choice for people to find a good one.

Blossom shop is a cupcake shop in Siem Reap town, which sell many kind of cake, drinks for the customers need. With a comfortable shop and looked so nice inside, this is why many people come and try the cake there.

 Every once a week New Hope Cambodia always bring girls in New Hope Cambodia to taste as well as want them to know the place and get a new experience when they arrive Siem Reap.
What makes them unable​ to forget is taste and design of the cake.These are part of their trip after they finished in classrooms.

Any body do not try yet should to go and let  us know what taste are they?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Water Festival Week - Goodbye many volunteers

Next week is Water Festival. In Cambodia, this means in November each year for the period of three days, but we cancel for this years and for two years ago because Cambodia Suffered flood Therefore, the government get those  budget to help the flood victims. Phnom Penh plays host to the most magnificent carnival in South East Asia.They can called Water Festival Or Bon Om Tuk.   It is a celebration of the unique phenomenon when the great freshwater lake Tonle Sap reverses its flow. The city is adorned with colourful bunting and the Royal Palace is lit with rainbow coloured lights, the night air is filled with the sight and sound of fireworks. 

The full moon of the Buddhist calendar month of Kadeuk is celebrated in conjunction with the Water Festival and holds significant meaning for Khmers. The Khmer people believe that the full moon will bring good luck and a bountiful harvest. On this special night a banquet is prepared and offers such cuisine delicacies as fish amok, fresh vegetables and fruit. A ceremony is performed where the chief priest lights candles and as the hot wax drips on the banana leaves spread beneath the candles, predictions are made about future harvests. Many Khmer people believe that the shape of the melted wax on the banana leaves dictates the state of how bountiful the harvest will be for that year.
Three major ceremonies – Bandaet Pratip, Sampeah Preah KhaeAK  Ambok  are held during Cambodian Water Festival. Bandaet Pratip is a fluvial festival in which many illuminated boats are floated to the water lighting the river. Each boat usually represents a government ministry or institution. Bandaet Pratip starts at about 7 in the evening.
This ceremony, they collected the boats from other province in Cambodia which is want to do boat racing. They are start the boats racing ceremony form 7 0'clock in the morning till 5 o'clcok evening for three days, attended by king norodom Syhakmuny​ as well as many tourist from around the world,especially Khmer people.    
We like this holiday as Khmer people go home to their families at this time and we are so excited with this ceremony.We always have a ceremony, this week, it was very large.

Because of this holiday many volunteers leaving New Hope Cambodia this week.. Thank you to Richard, Edwina, Robert, Fergus, Lois, Jennifer, Nadim, Jemma, Angela, Garry, Dr.Vinisha and Kayleen. We will miss you and want you to come back.

Happy Holidays to all our staff and volunteers.

Take Care,

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

67th Rice Drop Day

Last Friday  New Hope Cambodia Organization  celebrated its  67th Rice Drop. 318 families sponsored by the people around the  world receive their food supply for the coming month , some of families get 50 kg of rice and some 30 kg (It is depend on size of families) and also some small amount of cash to buy vegetable or fish to supplement the rice . On Wednesday the rice was delivered in 50 kg bags and the sauces were delivered  on Friday morning. on Friday the school is closed,so all the staff and volunteers meet together to weigh and prepare the rice,sauces and garlic for each family.Around 10 o'clock they were finished and went  back home.

At 2 o'clock all of the staff and volunteers came back to prepare for the afternoon.At this time the families are arriving and line up outside of the gate where they register and receive their registration card .Once they receive the card they are taken to the seat under the marquee set up for shelter.They then wait for  the Founder and Managing Director Mr Kemsour  to arrive and while they are  waiting some of our volunteers bring  the cups of water to the people both inside and out side the gate and some of them also talk with each other  about their experiences .

After all the people check in, our Managing Director along with some of our department heads seat themselves in front of the families  .Mr Kemsour begins his speech where he talk to the families about   the good things New Hope are doing to help their children receive an education and the importance of education.
When this is  finished the families name are called out one by one to receive their allocation of rice and condiments.As the rice is very heavy our volunteers carry its outside the gate of New Hope premises from where it is the responsibility of the families to get it home.The people started to go home one by one  but some of them are  waiting  for relatives  to help them get home .It is not unusual to see an elderly woman carrying 30 kg of rice on her head as she begins the long walk home in very hot and  humid conditions.

Rice Drop Day is an experience our volunteers talk about and remember for the rest of their lives...